GaloreGameServers GGS Special Pack 
 20 Man 66 Ticrate 500 FPS Public Server 
 12 Man 100 Ticrate 500 FPS Private Server 
 15 Man Ventrilo Server GaloreGameServers Left4Dead Package 
 12 Man Public Left4Dead Server 
 Free DNS Connect 
 10 Man Ventrilo
CALeague.Com Package 
 12 Man 100 Ticrate 256 FPS Private 
 15 Man Ventrilo GSPReport.Com Package 
 12 Man 100 Ticrate 500 FPS 
 50 Man HLTV or SourceTV Relay 
 15 Man Ventrilo
GaloreGameServers GGS Basic 
 12 Man 66 Ticrate 256 FPS Private 
 Free Server Boosting 
 10 Man Ventrilo Server Chicago Dedicated Servers 
 Intel Core2Quad Q9300 2.5 GHZ x 4 Cores 
 2GB DDR2 667 ECC Ram 
 2000 GB Premium Low-Latency Bandwidth 
 5 Usable IPS 
 1 x 250 GB 7200 Sata2 HDD
GaloreGameServers 1000 FPS Chest 
 11 Man 100 Ticrate 1000 FPS Private 
 Free Server Boosting 
 10 Man Ventrilo Server 
 Basic Webhosting with subdomain GaloreGameServers 1000 FPS Special 
 12 Man 100 Ticrate 1000 FPS Private 
 50 Man SourceTV \ HLTV Relay 
 15 Man Ventrilo 
 Basic webhosting plus subdomain


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GaloreGameServers.Com Customer Testimonials and Reviews

 Why Choose GaloreGameServers.Com?                

      Why GaloreGameServers? Simply put; we're friendly, experienced, and honest. We utilize the most robust networks, superior hardware, and value you as a customer. Not to mention we're affordable!

      Started in November of 2006, we are nearing our second year in business and our name is ever growing. We feel this is due to our commitment and pride in servicing our clients by striving to give you superior performance, the lowest latency networks (pings) and packages to fit a gamer's needs without breaking the bank.

      We have a simple, yet effective strategy. Our staff has years of experience, with every sales representative or technician being fluent in what we offer. As a result, we're able to deliver a top notch product, and continue to maintain a consistent level of quality. This allows us to satisfy our existing clients, spend less on advertising, and focus on improving our services. When you buy GGS, you're choosing the best.

      Our staff will see to it that you are satisfied with what you receive. We will fix any issues that you encounter with the product we provide, as we are not satisfied until you, the customer, are satisfied with your purchase. At GaloreGameServers you aren't just a number; each customer receives the same personal service with quick, detailed responses. Client support is our top priority.

Quality of Hardware

      All locations utilize the latest in computing technologies. As a result of sophisticated agreements with our partners, all game servers utilize the newest chipsets, and technologies, without ever increasing your cost. The end result is a better gaming experience; our highest priority.

Minimum Server Specifications (Updated Quarterly)

Single Intel Quad Core X3320
4GB ECC DDR2 Memory
Dual Seagate ES.2 250GB Hard Drives
Supermicro Chasis and Motherboard

Quality of Customer Service

      Our support technicians are located throughout the country in altering shifts. Located primarily in Connecticut, New York, Chicago, and Michigan, we are staffed nearly 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with holidays routinely monitored by our technical support experts via Blackberry Mobile devices. Our Commitment

  • We understand the importance of your server remaining up at all times, and likewise understand holidays do not exempt us from our commitment to the client.
  • We will provide a response and resolution normally within eight hours, however, our average response and resolution times are much faster.
  • We will do our best to respond quickly and accurately.
  • We will not waste your time with tickets that require monotonous responses.
  • We will promptly resolve your ticket, taking care of any and all issues. Prior to closure, you will receive a detailed, personal response explaining our resolution.
  • We will always inform you of what is being done to your server, and when available, an expected time of completion.

      Support can be reached through our real-time support chat, through our support portal (via your web browswer or email), or via our GameSurge iRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel: #GaloreGameServers. Quality support and client satisfaction summarize our highest priorities.